Are Tape In Extensions Bad For Your Hair? [The Reality]

Woman with long dark hair thinking if tape in extensions are bad for your hair

If you are here, you are probably wondering, are tape-in extensions bad for your hair? Don’t worry, in this article, you will have everything covered.

Tape-in hair extensions are one of my favourite extensions type as they take care of your hair and they are fairly easy to maintain.

The truth is that tape in hair extensions is not bad for your hair as long as they are installed and taken care of properly. This type of hair extension doesn’t usually damage hair as they don’t pressure or heat your hair in the application. The only scenario when tape-ins could be damaging to your hair is if your hair gets pulled aggressively on the removal of the extensions.

Let’s take a deeper look into the tape-in hair extensions so you know exactly how to take care of them to avoid all sorts of damage to your hair.

Let’s begin:

Are tape in extensions really bad for your hair?

Tape-in hair extensions shouldn’t be damaging to your hair at all. Of all the different extension techniques, the tape-in ones are the ones that are the most gentle to install and gentle to remove.

Tape-in hair extensions are a type of extension that looks like flat slices of hair 1.5 inches in width. The extensions are glued in pairs with a section of your hair in the middle, making a sandwich effect with your hair.

That’s why this technique doesn’t cause any damage in the application, as the extensions are only pressed gently. Also, most of them don’t require any heat at all. The brands that need heat only get slightly warmed so the glue bonds strongly, but your hair doesn’t get heated directly.

Also, for removing them you only need to use a special glue dissolvent that softens the glue of the tapes and then you open the sandwich of extensions to remove them from your hair.

That’s why tape-ins hair extensions are usually very gentle with your hair and therefore they don’t normally cause damage.

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Hair extensions that can damage your hair

A hair extension tape with a hair brush in a pink background

If your hair is fragile and you want to make sure that you avoid the types of extensions that damage your hair, you should avoid:

  • Keratin bonds: These extensions are usually glued to the hair with high heat, so they can cause damage when applied. Also, the removal process is quite intense! The glue bonds tend to be strong, and your hair can break in the process.
  • Wefted extensions: These extensions are fairly gentle to apply and easy to remove. However, in the day-to-day basics, your hair can be damaged. As your hair is in braids, if you don’t dry your hair properly after washing, you can have excess humidity in the braids that can damage your hair.
  • Extension Braids: Individual braids are by far the most damaging extension technique. This is because your hair gets strongly pressed to make the braids. And that is extremely damaging! Also, in your day-to-day your hair can accumulate moisture inside the braids which also causes damage.

As a rule of thumb, to avoid damage in the extensions choose a technique that you can maintain easily at home and that doesn’t require much aggression when applying or removing.

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How to take care of your tape in hair extensions

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To make sure your tap-ins are not bad for your hair and avoid damage, you need to know how to take care of them properly. If you have good maintenance, your hair will be healthy and strong.

The basic maintenance tips for your tape-in hair extensions are:

  • Find a good hairdresser: This sounds quite basic, but the truth is that finding a good hairdresser can save you from a lot of problems! If your hairdresser applies and removes the hair extensions properly, is very likely that your hair will not get damaged. Look for someone who specialises in hair extensions and who also cares about your hair.
  • Wash routine: The wash routine is another essential point when maintaining hair extensions. Ideally, you should wash your hair twice a week (no more than that). The more you wash the extensions, the more brittle they will become! (Not to mention humidity damage to your hair.) Also, is essential that you use a balanced pH shampoo and conditioner to maintain the health of your hair.
  • Brushing: The key rule is to be gentle with your hair. If you brush the extensions rudely you can pull your hair and break it (not to mention that you can damage the extensions as well). Always try to detangle your hair gently to avoid any problems.
  • Keeping them separately: This is essential to avoid damage to your hair. You should not let the extension’s roots get matted between them like tiny dreadlocks. If this happens your hair in the roots can become quite brittle. Always make sure your extensions are detangled and separated passing your fingers through them every couple of days.

If you follow these tips, your hair will be healthier and stronger for longer. And the tape-ins will last longer!

Bottom line

I hope this article has been helpful to know if tape in hair extensions are bad for your hair.

To make sure they don’t damage your hair, find a good professional! That will help you to make sure your hair is not getting damaged.

Also, remember to take care of them properly at home. This makes a massive difference as well!

Until next time.

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