Can You Reuse Tape In Hair Extensions? [By Hair Experts]

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If you are wondering: can you reuse tape in hair extensions?, you have come to the right place.

Tape-in extensions are one of my favourite techniques and for a good reason! These types of extensions are very easy to maintain, they cause almost no damage to the hair, and they look seamless!

But one of their biggest advantages is that they can be reused many times without sacrificing length.

Tape-in extensions can be reused around 4 to 6 times on average. How much you can reuse them will depend on the quality of the hair extensions that you buy. The best quality ones have the glue area quite resistant, therefore they can be used up to 6 times easily!

Take into account that it takes around 10 to 12 weeks for the extensions to need maintenance again. Therefore, on average you will be able to reuse the same tape in extensions for at least one year!

And that is quite amazing!

In this article, you will learn how can you reuse the tape in extensions as well as a step-by-step guide. Let’s dive in!

Can You really reuse Tape In hair extensions?

Of course, you can! One of the biggest benefits of tape in extensions is that they are one of the easiest extensions techniques to reuse.

Other extension techniques like the keratin bonds are quite difficult to reuse, they damage the hair in the removal process, and on top of that when you reuse them you lose a little bit of length each time.

Tape-in extensions, on the other hand, are the easiest ones to reuse!

These types of extensions are glued to the hair through a smooth area that contains a special glue. Therefore, to reuse them, you only need to remove the glue and apply a new layer of glue to them.

And that’s it! It’s super simple and fast to reuse.

How do tape in extensions work?

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Tape-in hair extensions are one of my absolute favourite techniques. Not to say my favourite!

Tape-in extensions consist of small, flattened sections of hair around one and a half inches wide held together by a solid, laminated area on which the tape-in adhesive goes.

Basically, these extensions are small flattened sheets of hair that are glued in pairs with a section of your hair in the middle. These two sheets of extensions are glued like a sandwich with your hair in the middle.

These type of hair extensions usually takes around 1,30h to apply, and they will last you around 10 to 12 weeks glued to your hair with proper care. Removing them is also quite easy, as it only takes around 30m to remove them.

The biggest pros of the tape in extensions are:

  • They are easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • They won’t damage your hair! They are perfect for fine or brittle hair.
  • You can reuse the hair many times so you will save money long term.
  • These extensions look fabulous when you wear your hair down.

The truth is that as a professional hairdresser, I normally recommend tape-in extensions 8 out of 10 times! And my clients loved this technique!

Of course, every extensions technique always has a downside, and the biggest pros of the tape in extensions are:

  • It can be difficult to tie your hair up in high ponytails.
  • This is not the most durable technique, as tape-ins could need maintenance every 10 weeks.
  • If your hair is greasy the extensions can slip more.

That’s why even though I recommend tape-ins most of the time, the only cases when I wouldn’t recommend them is if your hair is very greasy and fine, or if you like to tie your hair up constantly.

How to reuse your tape in extensions

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Ok, let’s go to the interesting part. You are planning to get the tape in extensions (or you already had), and now you know want to how to reuse them!

Tape in hair extensions can be reused an average of 4 to 6 times (depending on the quality of the extensions). To reuse them, you normally book a tape-ins maintenance service on the hairdresser. To reuse tape ins extensions you need to remove all the tapes from your hair first, change the adhesive in every sheet of hair, and finally place them back in your hair.

Therefore, you are reusing the same hair without buying more hair, and you are only changing the tape adhesive and putting them back in.

You can also do it by yourself (especially the removal) but it’s quite difficult! If you can, always go to a hairdresser for the best results.

Step-by-step guide to reusing tape-ins

In this section. I’ll show you step-by-step how to reuse your tape-ins extensions easily. As mentioned before, you can always reuse tape-in hair extensions, which will make your life much easier!

The main 3 steps are: removing the tapes, re-glueing the tapes, and finally glueing the extensions back to your hair.

Let’s see each one of them in detail:

Step 1: Removing the hair extensions

The first step is to remove the tape in hair extensions from your hair. To do this, you will need to use a special product called tape ins remover, which is like an alcohol-based liquid that softens the adhesive of the tapes so you can remove them.

To do this, you only need to saturate the glue area with the liquid, wait a few minutes and then with a weaver cob (the one with a metal stick at the end) try to separate both pieces of tape so they detach.

After this, you only need to pull them from your hair, and finally comb your hair to make sure there are no knots or residues.

Try to avoid buying a tape-ins remover that is oil-based, as it doesn’t work very properly and will only add grease to the hair which will affect the glueing part later. Always use alcohol-based (it looks like a transparent liquid and not a yellow one).

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Step 2: Replacing the glue of the tapes

This is the most tricky part! Now that the extensions are out of your hair, you need to change the glue of every tape-in piece. To do this, the first step is to remove the previous glue.

With your hands or a flat cuticle pusher, push the old tape away from every piece of hair. This should be a very gentle process, so be very careful not to break the tapes, because if you do it very harshly you can break the piece in half (and you will not be able to reuse it!).

Once all the previous glue is removed, make sure that the area is clean and dry to put the new glue on (you can use the alcohol remover).

Finally, you just need to put a new layer of glue again so they are ready to reuse. The tape-in glue comes either in small cut sheets so you can place them in the extensions directly, or in a tape-in roll that you can cut individually per tape.

That’s why is super easy to re-tape, as you only put the new tape-in in a matter of seconds!

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Step 3: Placing back in the hair extensions

Now that you have a fresh set of tape-in extensions ready to use, is time to place them back in! To do this you will basically glue the tapes in pairs, making a sandwich effect with your hair in the middle.

The most important thing is that your hair should be extremely clean to assure a good bonding of the tapes. For this, you need to wash your hair first with a deep cleansing shampoo at least 3 times! And you shouldn’t use any conditioner or leave in creams at all.

After this, you will only need to dry your hair 100% and you will be ready to glue them back. In a few words, your hair needs to be extra clean and dry.

Now, to place the tapes into your hair you should first make a horizontal parting in which you will glue a few tapes in a line as close to the roots as you can (only from one side).

Then, you only need to apply a little of pressure so your hair underneath gets glued to the tape, and then you need to lift the extensions (with the layer of your hair attached to it) and place the other tape glueing from the other side).

This way you will have like a sandwich: the tape extensions with the glue are facing towards your hair in between + your hair + the other tape with your hair facing towards your hair in between.

Finally, you must press completely the bonding area of the tapes (with your hair in between) with pliers to make sure it last and is nicely glued.

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Bottom Line

I hope this article has been helpful for you to know if you can reuse tape in extensions.

The extensions world is amazing, and tape-ins are definitely one of my favourite techniques as it is easy to maintain, non-damaging and overall look great! Tape ins are so handy that you can use them for length, volume or both.

They are definitely worth to try!

Until next time.

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