Why Are My Hair Extensions Itchy After 2 Weeks?

Woman with long hair wondering why are my hair extensions itchy after 2 weeks

If you feel your hair extensions itchy after 2 weeks, don’t worry, you are in the right place so you know why it is happening to you and how to solve it.

Hair extensions are wonderful as it helps us completely transform our hair in just a few hours. However, you start to feel itchy with them after a few days is something you should pay attention to.

The most common causes of itchy extensions after 2 weeks are not washing your hair properly, poor placement of the extensions, or an allergy to the bond material. It is always normal for you to feel a little discomfort the first few days, but if they start to itch more than necessary, that is no longer normal.

In this article I will tell you the main causes of your extensions itching after 2 weeks, and I will give you good remedies to fix it.

Why Are My Extensions Itchy After 2 Weeks?

Hair extensions are an essential tool to transform your hair. Not only because of the length but because of the wonderful volume they provide. But many times it happens, especially if we put a lot of it, that they become uncomfortable and start to itch. Which is quite uncomfortable!

The reality is that it is always normal for our scalp to feel a little irritated since it is something new that our skin and hair feel. But when the discomfort becomes quite intense we must pay special attention to it.

The first day you put on the extensions you will feel a sensation of tension in the scalp due to the weight of the new hair. Day 2 and 3 is when you may feel the most itchy scalp. This happens because it is a new material that is constantly rubbing against us and it is something we have to get used to.

A week after having placed the extensions is when you should feel totally normalized and used to it. If after 2 weeks the itching persists or worsens, there is something wrong.

Now let’s see the main reasons why your hair extensions are itchy and what we can do in these cases to fix it:

The Main Reasons Why Your Hair Extensions Are Itchy After 2 Weeks

That the extensions itch you is not something pleasant or comfortable. Normally, the more hair you put on, the more you run the risk of itching too much. I recommend that when you go to put extensions you use from 100g to 200g maximum. If you get too high you can get more irritated than necessary.

Let’s now see the main causes why we feel itchy with extensions:

Cause #1: Not having a proper aftercare

Woman with dark long hair

Not washing your hair properly is the most common cause of itchy extensions even after 2 weeks. The reason for this is the buildup that forms on the scalp like a scab preventing our scalp from oxygenating.

This buildup in your scalp usually comes out due to a combination of not washing the extensions joint area well and doing it with an inappropriate shampoo.

When you wear extensions it is normal that the area where they are placed is a little more difficult to access and we do not get to clean it well with shampoo. Therefore, when we don’t wash this area well, all the scalp oils accumulate along with sweat and other toxins. And this will make that area very itchy!

And if you also use a normal supermarket shampoo, you will make the problem worse, since you will only deposit more oils or glycerins on the scalp.


To solve this problem quickly and easily, it is best to start washing your hair correctly.

You should only wash your hair a couple of times a week, but when you do, you should always give yourself two washes with shampoo. The first wash will only remove excess oils, and the second is the one that will clean your scalp in depth.

The shampoo you use should be special for washing extensions, and you should make sure you use enough shampoo in hard-to-reach areas. Make sure to rinse it well so you don’t leave residue on your scalp.

You can also use a scalp scrub once a month. This will help you manually remove all build up layers and residues you may have.

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Cause #2: A poor placement of the extensions

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A poor placement of the extensions is another of the most common reasons why they continue to itch after 2 weeks. This happens a lot in micro ring, fused bonds and weaved techniques.

In the case of micro ring extensions, the problem occurs when the extension stick protrudes from the ring and can rub against our scalp. This type of extensions usually has a tip that can be cutted, and if we do not remove it well we will be constantly pricking our scalp.

Fused bonds extensions tend to itch when they are applied very tightly to each other, and when they glue the keratin very close to our scalp. The constant rubbing of the extensions and the keratin on our scalp (in addition to the tension), triggers the itching.

In the case of weaved extensions, the problem occurs when they braid our scalp to sew the extensions. This braid must be fine and resistant, and if they make it very thick you will have a section of hair that you will never be able to wash well and will cause itching.


The only way to solve this problem is to have the extensions repositioned. It is very likely that the itching will never go away unless you have them well placed. And having an irritation on the scalp is not healthy!

I recommend that you find a good extensions professional who can remove and reattach them correctly. In most cases the hair can be reused so don’t worry.

Depending on the technique, you should take care of certain details:

  • Micro ring extensions: In this case you must take care that the plastic stick doesn’t protrudes upwards much at the junction of the ring. All hair should always be down and you should not have anything massively above the ring.
  • Fused bonds: Here it is best that the person who places the extensions does it in an organized way in clean lines and squares. The keratin bond should be as small as possible and always separated from the scalp.
  • Weaved extensions: Here the most important thing is that the braid is as thin as possible. If you still feel the extensions itchy, I recommend you try sewing it into ring staples instead of a braid.

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Cause #3: An allergy to the extensions

Woman with long dark hair in a beige background wondering why are her extensions itchy after 2 weeks

Having an allergy to extensions is not that common, but it is another reason why they can itch after 2 weeks. In addition, in this type of case the itching increases markedly day after day.

When you have an allergy situation, the itching can be accompanied by redness and swelling. You will realize if it is an allergy because instead of getting better with each passing day, the problem will get worse with each passing day and the itching will be irresistible.

The allergy may be to some hair material or to the bonding technique. It can be to the keratin, to the metal of the ring or practically to any material of the extension.


If you have an allergy problem, the only solution is to remove the extensions immediately and go to your doctor. I sincerely recommend that in this type of case you do not put on extensions again. It is better not to risk your health.

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Bottom Line

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing why extensions itch after two weeks. If you put these solutions into practice, you will see that the itching begins to improve.

It is normal that you still have a slight reflection of irritation, and that with the passing of days it goes back to normal. If it does not improve whatever you do, it is better to see a specialist that can recommend the best solution, which in most of the cases will be a removal of the extensions.

Remember, health should always come first!

Until next time!

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