How To Get Tape Glue Out Of Hair [Step By Step]

How to get tape glue out of hair

If you are wondering how to get tape glue out of your hair, you are in the right place.

Tape-in hair extensions are one of my favourite techniques to add length or volume to your hair. However, sometimes can be tricky if you have an emergency and need to take the tape-in extensions out of your hair!

The best way to get tape glue out of hair is to use an alcohol-based dissolvent to soften up the glue from the tapes. If you don’t have a special extension disolvent you can use rubbing alcohol to neutralise the tape glue. You only need to saturate the tape glue with the liquid, wait 5 minutes and then comb it out from your hair.

In this article, I will give you a step-by-step guide to help you get tape ins glue out of your hair at home. Let’s begin:

How to get tape glue out of hair easily

Wearing extensions is one of those things that once you try, you will probably want to repeat!

It doesn’t matter if it’s for length or volume. Extensions are beautiful!

Over the last few years tape in extensions has become quite popular as they are easy to maintain, and it’s one of the healthiest techniques.

But sometimes a tape can be slipped from your hair and you need to remove it! The reality is that if you try to pull it off without dissolving the glue tape first, you can break your hair! Remember, tape ins hair extensions should not be bad for your hair, unless you constantly break your hair when removing them.

Therefore, to remove tape in extensions, you need to dissolve the glue first, and then you will be able to pull it out. Never try to comb the tape glue or heat it! You can cause severe damage to your hair if you do it like that. 

The key tip is that you will need a tape glue dissolvent to be able to soften up the glue. Don’t try otherwise! 

Let’s see what you can use and how to do it:

The best dissolvents to remove tape ins

The first and essential step is to get a tape glue dissolvent. This type of product has normally a gel consistency and a predominant amount of alcohol in the formula.

How it works is that when in contact with the tape glue it will soften the glue and also make the area more weak and dry so you can comb it out easily.

In other words, a tape dissolvent will make the glue not sticky and weaker.

The best dissolvents to get tape glue out of hair are:

  • Professional gel dissolvent for tapes: This type of glue dissolvent will work amazingly to remove the tape glue. Also, you can usually find this sort of product in many brands! Just look for a transparent or blue gel that is labelled as tape extensions remover and you are set.
  • Rubbing alcohol: If you have an emergency and can not buy a proper dissolvent, use alcohol! It will probably soften the glue tapes as much as the professional ones. The only downside is that it can make your hair dry.
  • Oil remover: You can use an oily remover or natural oil to soften the tape’s glue, but I strongly suggest you use it as a last resource. Oils will help to lubricate your hair so you can comb out the tapes, but it doesn’t neutralise the stickiness of the tapes much.

These 3 options are the most recommended to get the tapes out of your hair in an easy way. Don’t try to pull the tapes out of your hair without any of these as you can break your hair. If not is best to wait until you can do it properly.

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How to get tape glue out of hair step by step

Woman getting tape glue out of hair

Now that you know what sort of dissolvents you can use, I’ll show you how to remove the tapes from your hair.

I will always recommend you go to a professional to remove the extensions as they will take care of you. It’s always worth it!

But in case you need to remove the tapes at home, or if you have an emergency, this is how you should proceed:

  • Removing the tapes on dirty/oily hair is easier, so try to do it after a couple of days of not washing your hair.
  • Locate the area where the tapes are glued and apply the dissolvent generously saturating the area.
  • Leave it for around 5 minutes so the dissolvent can soften out the glue.
  • With a highlight comb or a cuticle pusher, try to slice it into the middle of the glue to separate the tapes (in case your tapes are still glued to your hair).
  • Open both tapes and remove them from your hair by pulling them (ignore this step if you only have the tape glue in your hair).
  • Reapply the dissolvent in the sticky glue area and with your fingers try to break it and soften it up.
  • Lastly, comb your hair in order to remove the tape glue residues.

And that’s it! Is quite simple to get out the tape glue out of your hair.

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Bottom line

I hope this article has been helpful for you to know how to get the tape glue out of your hair.

Just remember to be patient and take your time while removing it. The fewer pulls and breakage you can cause to your hair, the better.

Until next time!

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